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Dissemination and Awareness-raising

– Publication of a monthly journal, Museum studies, which was first published in 1928. It features essays and study reports concerning museum activities and information on exhibitions.
– Publications of books related to promotion of museum activities.

Grant and Assistance

– Annual Conference: JAM organizes the assembly annually ever since 1953. The main aim is to discuss and study about various issues related to museums through lectures, symposiums and panel discussions.
– Directors Meeting: annual meeting of museum directors and/or personal in charge of operation/management. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is co-hosting the meeting from 1992.
– Session Meetings for study and training: for curators and those who are involved in management, three different meetings is held to discuss subjects on museum activities promotion and exchange information related to latest trends, per year.
– Support for Museums: with a grant from the Japan Lottery Association, JAM donates wheelchairs and buggies to museums.
– Comprehensive Insurance: JAM assists its member museums to take out a comprehensive insurance in order for visitors to visit a museum with a sense of security.

Survey and Research

– For better promotion of museum activities and improvement of management, JAM organizes special committees for domestic and international researches and surveys according to current affairs.

International Affairs

– ICOM-Japan: Secretariat for the Japanese National Committee for ICOM (International Council of Museums) is located in JAM. We communicate and exchange information with other museums in overseas through ICOM.
– Promotion of International Museum Day: Proposed by ICOM, May 18th is designated as International Museum Day. JAM organizes Special Committee for the International Museum Day, in order to raise fund and initiates activities for more people to become familiar with museums.